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Clarence Macheso

Clarice is a 43-year-old blind person living in Kitale, Trans-Nzoia County. She lost her sight due to severe glaucoma in 2018. She is a university graduate and a teacher  in a  regular school. Upon losing her sight, she has retained her job, but is struggling to teach effectively as she does not have the adaptive skills she needs in order to teach while blind. Clarice’s need is to be rehabilitated to teach effectively once again by gaining adaptive training in her specific profession and adaptive computer technology. She will also need to learn to live independently by acquiring daily living skills, learning braille and orientation and mobility training.

Ednah Kwamboka

Ednah  is from Kisii County, currently residing in Kitale, , Trans-Nzoia County.  She is a blind lady who finished  high school. She lost her sight  at the age of 12. It was a  great shock to her. She would like to be trained in adaptive computer technology, music, commercial commercial organic farming and knitting among other life skills. She came to Jipange fully trained in braille and therefore will function as a volunteer braille teacher  to other beneficiaries during her free time.

Emmanuel Mukwana

This is 20 year old Emmanuel Mukhwana. His parents died when he was 4 years old, forcing his older brother to be his care taker. He was not born blind, however, one day he was attacked by a disease that caused his eyes to ooz blood rather than produce tears. Due to lack of finances and proper medical care, he lost his sight. He was also unable to continue to with his education. He now would like to gain some skills to be able to earn a living and become a contributing member of society.

Jane Awinja

Jane lost her sight in the year 2017. One day she woke up and to her surprise, she was unable to see anymore. As a result, she was unable to continue with her education. Unfortunately, her parents reprimanded her thinking  she was pretending to be blind. In fact they believed the reason she was pretending to be blind was that she did not want to go to school. 

Although life has been quite challenging for Jane, she remains jovial and very hopeful. Her ambition is to learn adaptive computer technology.  After gaining communication and mobility skills at Jipange, She wants to further her education by enrolling for Early Childhood Education.   

Lillian Achieng

Lilian was not born blind but in he year 2018,  she became blind due to retina damage. Her ambition is to study braille and adaptive computer technology. After gaining communication and mobility skills  at Jipange, she would like to learn knitting in order to be economically independent.

Teresa Rotuno

Teresa Rotuno comes from West Pokot. She is a blind lady who just completed her high school education. She was born blind. Currently, she is studying adaptive computer technology and mobility skills at Jipange. She would also like to learn knitting after mobility and communication skills training at Jipange

Linda Chepchumba

Linda Chepchumba comes from Mt. Elgon and has just completed her high school education. She had sight issues at birth. She is partially sighted. She used magnifying glasses while in school. Now she is studying adaptive computer technology, braille and mobility skills at Jipange. After gaining communication and mobility skills, she would like to further her education and learn massage. She would like to be a braille transcriber and massage therapist.

Mecrine Mogesa

Mecrine Mogesa is from Bungoma County. She started experiencing sight issues at two years old. Her eyes began to ooze tears, started hurting and afterwards she lost her ability to see. Fortunately, , her right eye is able to see partially. She is currently learning braille and mobility skills. She would like to be able to communicate using braille as well as learn how to knit to improve her living standards and become economically independent. 

Larence Shimoli

Lawrence is from Bondeni, Kitale Trans Nzoia County. He studied General Agriculture at Sikri Vocational Training center. He slowly started losing his sight from birth and at the age of 12 became totally blind. Currently he has joined Jipange as an Assistive Computer and Knitting student. He would like to train in Catering after completion of his training course at Jipange.