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Kitale, Kenya        +254 0799 383783, 0710 487807    

Welcome to Jipange

The Coronavirus Pandemic has taken its toll in Kenya and the African continent as a whole. While Kenya accounts for relatively few confirmed cases and deaths, the death toll sits at 1,874 as of March of 2021. At Jipange, we are taking all necessary precautions to help contain the spread of the disease. Being in a rural area where medical resources are not as readily available as they are in big cities, it is even more important that we take action to ensure we are all safe and healthy.

We are happy to announce that all classes have resumed. In doing so, our message still remains……. Remember to do the FIVE: 

1. HANDS Wash them often,  2. ELBOW Cough into it, 3. FACE Don’t touch it,  4. FEET Stay more than 6 feet apart, 5. FEEL sick stay home


Jipange’s vision is to see a world where the blind persons reconsider their disadvantage as an advantage through self-development counseling and life skills empowerment that will enable education access. We also seek to enable blind persons to become self-reliant and effective workers in the job market.


Empower the blind by enabling access to education so they become self-reliant. Provide personal development counseling and career guidance. Provide entrepreneurship skills to improve socioeconomic living standards. Tackle the training inaccessibility problem in rural areas In Kenya.


The concept of Jipange is to use rehabilitation as a tool which enables the blind to use their disability as an advantage and where they take their destiny in their own hands.